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So to break this afternoon's mundane routine. I ventured onto my home village by the sea. While there I enjoyed the company of Mungo and discovered that my home had recently been attacked by lizard folk. After much debate, I found that these lizardfolk had come from the Isle of the Lizard King and had taken some of the young men from the village as prisoners. Gathering my sword, some provisions, Mungo and myself took to a small fishing boat to sail to the island and rescue the prisoners.

It did not take more than a few hours to arrive and the daunting site of the smoking volcano on the north of the island did little to calm my nerves. However making landfall, we carefully moored the boat out of sight in a creek before making our way westwards towards the beach. We were careful to avoid a band of pirates who seemed intent on counting their treasure (No need to invite trouble). However once we found the beach, we took a stiff walk towards an abandoned hut. Alas however, the sands beneath our feet moved as Mungo was ensnared by the pinchers of a giant crab! While I managed to slay the beast, my old friend Mungo had suffered a mortal wound. As I held his head, he said his goodbyes and joined our ancestors.

Vowing to avenge the death of my dear friend, I buried him in a copse of trees and planted his sword at the head of the grave. I prayed for his soul to pass over and returned to travel towards the abandoned hut. While there, I sifted through the debris and found a hidden trap door, below it was a exlir that promised to save me from poison and harm! Chugging the bottle, I felt no different and decided to head towards the jungle northwards.

After a couple of hours cutting my way through the dense vegetation, I found myself under attack by some savages who wanted to remove me of my head and shrink it! This I could not allow and slew them where they stood! A short time after some pixies found me and started to demand something from me in a strange language. I offered them some provisions which they took. Tried to eat and spat out! Why the ungrateful sots! They raised their clubs to attack me before they started retching and throwing up. Without wasting any time, I quickly made my escape deeper into the jungle!

Before long I found an vine and a platform halfway up a tree! Upon climbing it, I found an old man who was fearful I would take him back to prison. However, after feeding him I discovered that he was once a prisoner from northern part of the island. After gifting him some more of my provisions, he provided me with a map and a pick wire. Thanking him I continued north towards the lair. It was not long before I found a clearing in the jungle with a warm green crystal. Upon touching it I felt rejuvenated and healthy. But trying to dislodge it and take it with me, my sword broke. Cursing my luck, I ate some food and trudged northwards towards my adventure.

After a while, I found that the jungle was thinning and turning into a fetid marsh. The thick oily sludge stuck to my clothes as I waded through. The Stench was disgusting but I forced my way through it. As I began to fear I may be lost. I found the guidance of a great marsh hopper. It was kind enough to show me the way (or so I thought) till I found myself on the menu of a two headed hydra! I sought to fend it off and that I did! As I striked the final blow to the creature, I turned to the greater hopper which quickly fled into the marsh. As I began pursuit, within mere moments I was again attacked by a giant snake. By this time I was exhausted, but I managed to slay the creature and watched as its cooling body sunk beneath the stagnant water. Feeling weak and bleeding all over, I devoured the last of my provisions and once again continued my journey.

I finally managed to find my way out of the marsh to the west and at the entrance to a gorge. Deciding I would much rather be above than below, I travelled along the side side. While it was hard work, I was glad I did as I witnessed a large landslide on the opposite side of the gorge flood the lower pass. If I had travelled that route, I would surely have been killed!

However, luck did not continue its good grace with me. As I stumbled, I managed to grab hold of a thicket and stop myself falling down the side. While laying flat on the rocks catching my breath, I spotted a small opening in the rocks. Though a fit of wonder, I thrust my hand in to see what could be there...But alas I was bitten by a rattlesnake! The poison coursed though me as I felt racked with pain. I had already been weakened by the hydra and snake earlier and as darkness engulfed me, I believed that was the end of my adventure.

But if it were not for sheer luck, I would have died. My body fought back and I regained consciousness. After some rest, I managed to gather my senses, wanting revenge for the birte, I thrust my sword into the opening! But it was not the snake I found, instead it was a dull clang of metal upon metal. Forgetting about the wretched rattlesnake, I manage to pull out a magical helmet! Upon wearing it, I felt a small rejuvenation and more.. lucky!

Getting up, I started to move northwards along the gorge again. As I cleared it, I found some old tracks and a snuffbox half buried within the sand. Within it was a note and some gold. Reading the note, it detailed an escape plan and the location of a raft on a nearby river. As I looked at the map I got from the old man, I realised that this raft could take me most of the way to the lair! Counting my blessings I continued westwards...

Only to be attacked by a giant lizard. “Oh my days” I groaned as I stood ready with my broken sword. Alas, the beast’s size and power was no match for me in my weakened state and this was where I ended my adventure... the belly of the beast.