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A few years ago some of Seaxe & Sorcery were part of a project to get a printed magazine covering table top gaming, LARP, history and re-enactment on to the market. While a number of milestones were passed, the magazine itself was not a success. Gary & Dave have discussed some of the successes and failures with our previous magazine. Our intention was always to take our experiences and create a new, independent and improved magazine; one that was more focused and, initially at least, electronic rather than printed.

As many of you know, and that should include anyone who has been to Gary’s house, the Tower at the Edge of Reality has been part of the underlying Seaxe & Sorcery mythos since the start. Since the previous magazine used up one possible name the Tower has become the obvious choice for a new venture.

What is the Tower at the Edge of Reality Newsletter?

The Newsletter will cover all kinds of tabletop gaming, though focusing slightly more on tabletop roleplaying, Live Action Role Playing, fantasy and science fiction. Add to that a dash of history and a pinch of pretty much anything that is geek in nature. It will carry a mixture of articles, interviews, stories, poems and adverts. Our aim is to help promote not only our hobbies and interests, but also the up and coming future stars of those areas.

We will be drawing talent from across the globe. We already have writers and artists planning to contribute from Europe and America, as well as closer to home. Anyone who wants to contribute is welcome to submit their work to us. We cannot guarantee to include your material; we will only have so much space available for each issue. We are also looking to be as professional as possible, so we may need to edit your work. However, if you have a voice about gaming, fantasy or science fiction and you want it to be heard, we will try our very best to help you achieve that.

Everything about the magazine will be free including advertising in it. There are no plans to change this, at least in the digital format. Our initial ambitions are modest, we are not looking to set the geek world ablaze, but we are hoping to kindle a small flame and see if we can make it grow. We would like it to be quarterly if possible.

Tower at the Edge Orc

How can you help?

Reading the Newsletter and spreading the word would be a great help. Beyond the Newsletter itself, there is a Facebook page ( and a Twitter account (@TatEoRNews). Giving both of those a like and follow would be appreciated. As would sharing their posts and tweets. If you think you might know someone who may want to contribute to the Newsletter, please let them know. If you think that you might want to contribute, please let us know. The more Seaxe & Sorcery help and support this venture the more it can grow. This is not the only venture that we are planning for the future. The more support we get with the Newsletter, the more impetus we will have to expand what the Tower at the Edge of Reality offers. At the end of the day we are creating this Newsletter because we think our writers have something interesting to say about our collective hobbies and interests. We want as many people as possible to hear what they have to say. This is truly a magazine by fans for fans.

How do I get copy of the Newsletter?

We are looking at ‘selling’ the Newsletter on sites such as DrivethruRPG and Amazon. We are also putting together a mailing list to send out each issue. If you would like to be included on this mailing list, and why wouldn’t you, just send us a message or sign up here. You can do this through Facebook and Twitter, or you can send me an email at EditorTowerNewsletter [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Actually those are the same ways you can let us know that you would like to contribute to the Newsletter. You will also be able to download the newletters from this website and others such as RPGGeek.

The view from the Tower at the Edge of Reality is amazing, please let us show you just how amazing it is.