Monday 25 June 2018

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New Gallery Area!

Greetings all! :)

Recently I added a plethora of photographs onto the site, but on individual pages. this was because my favoured photo plugin did not yet have the ability to use folders. That has now changed!

So, masses of thumbnails on each page has gone, A "Gallery" link has appeared in the Resources menu, and that page is divided into relevant sections.

Please follow the READ MORE link below to understand the new gallery section! Thank you .

Each section contains the folders for that system. Within those folders are the glorious photographs of Seaxe events!

They are set out in banks of 12 and if you click on any image it will display in a nice pop-up. You can move to the next image by clicking on the left or right side of that image, or exit by clicking anywhere outside of that image! Note that there are likely to be more than one page worth of images and these can be selected below the bak of icons.

To return up a level use the link above the bank of icons.

If you have images that you would like displayed on our website please contact me at biffordyoungestATgmailDOTcom and I shall furnish you with a username and password so that you may Log-In to the website and upload your images to the relevant area!

I hope you all enjoy this new resource!
Sam / Bifford