Yule 2014 Banquet

This year the Banquet had to be postponed until Saturday the 3rd of January. This was largely due to a mix up in dates and double booking.
However it will take place on Saturday January 3rd at 6pm at East Tilbury Village Hall, Princess Margret Road, East Tilbury Essex. 

Tickets will cost a mere £10 Adult and £5 for children. Please pay on the night good people or on this website via the shop. You will also be able to pay your £10 memberships if you so wish.

Food and Drink. We are asking if people will bring along items to share in a grand buffet. Something Savoury and something Sweet and a bottle of something for the drink table.

As usual there will be rumours and information abound for people to do with as they will. Theme this year is Seaxe & Sorcery: Adventurers. I would ask players/ members to submit if they are unable to attend an IC telegram/ or postcard that can be read out to those who can. (Feel free to e-mail said writing. Those of you who are attending feel free to also send a telegraph or post card from an npc or one of your characters who you are not attending as.

All in all it would be nice to see as many of you in attendence as possible.

Please do take care and we shall see you soon.
Defend, Prevail and Conquer

Chairman of Seaxe & Sorcery