Event Dates 2009

September - HMS Event 4 - 18th until 20th
October - Shadows Event 2 - 23rd - 25th

There will also be a number of one day events and also several display days and CotH events throughout the year. These will be run as and when people ask us to organise them.

On the 26th July we shall be attending the Cottons Park show in Romford. Please see the Announcements section of the forums for more information.

Please note there are no bank holiday events nor is there a week long event. This is so we can do a number of semi role-play/semi social events throughout the year.
Please remember if you want anything special for Birthdays or other rites of passage please let us know now!
Money for all HMS events should be paid to Keri-Ann Bates. Shadows Money should go to Fishwhip or Kim. Money for birthday dues should go to Keri-Ann or the designated organiser.