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Event Dates 2009

September - HMS Event 4 - 18th until 20th
October - Shadows Event 2 - 23rd - 25th

There will also be a number of one day events and also several display days and CotH events throughout the year. These will be run as and when people ask us to organise them.

On the 26th July we shall be attending the Cottons Park show in Romford. Please see the Announcements section of the forums for more information.


If you pay for your membership and all events in 2009 before March 2009 you will only have to pay £90.
If you pay after March, or on the Gate, each HMS event will cost £25. Therefore you will pay £100 + 10 membership for all four events.
If you decide not to pay membership each event will cost £30 and so if you attend all four it will cost £120.
We will be issuing membership cards this year. These should be collected from Keri or Gary Bates, or you can send us a second class self addressed envelope and we will post it to you. Any one paying by cheques should do so up to two weeks in advance of events.
Many thanks.
Gary Bates.